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HomeStudioToday was created as a resource for home studio recording enthusiasts of all skill levels, from the greenest novice to the seasoned veteran. I strive to provide compelling and informative content in the following categories:


I scour the internet and social media in search of the best deals on music and home recording gear as well as product announcements and interesting music industry news to bring my readers. Follow HomeStudioToday on Facebook or Twitter, join our Facebook group for Home Studio Enthusiasts, or subscribe to our email list to get regular updates. (Plus get a copy of my FREE eBook when you subscribe!)


Finding honest, unbiased reviews of recording software and gear can be difficult. The need for a reliable source for quality, in-depth reviews of home studio products was the driving principle that led to me creating HomeStudioToday. I take reviews very seriously and pride myself in providing high-quality reviews chock full of screenshots, pictures, and audio samples that give my readers a complete picture of what they are getting for their hard-earned money. Please see my Review Policy for more information.


Home recording can have a steep learning curve, which is why I create comprehensive how-to guides for beginners and advanced users alike. I break down even the most complex topics into bite-sized chunks complete with illustrations and examples, making them easily accessible to newcomers. In December 2019 I released Start Your Home Studio Today, my first in a series of FREE eBooks designed to help people find the right gear and set up their recording space at home.


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HomeStudioToday was founded by me, Dave Reed, a lifelong musician and home recording aficionado with over two decades of experience in both home and professional studio environments. I have a bachelor’s degree in broadcast production as well as engineer and producer credits in a wide variety of musical genres. My first book on home recording, “Start Your Home Studio Today” was released in December 2019. Subscribe to our mailing list to get a free copy and stay up-to-date with all things home studio!

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