Empirical Labs Arousor Review featured image

Empirical Labs Arousor Review

Empirical Labs just released V3 of the Arousor, the plugin version of their Distressor. I was excited to try it out in the box and run it through its paces.

United Plugins QuickBass Review featured image

United Plugins QuickBass Review

United Plugins just released QuickBass, the second in their series of quick mix plugins, and I took it for a spin. Check out the video and samples in my review.

United Plugins Quick AG Review Featured Image

United Plugins Quick AG Review

United Plugins has just released Quick AG, an all-in-one acoustic instrument mixing plugin. Today I’ll decide if it’s a good choice for your home studio.

Black Rooster Audio KH-COMP1 Review featured image

Black Rooster Audio KH-COMP1 Review

Black Rooster Audio has partnered with multi-platinum mixing engineer Koen Heldens to create a unique new compressor plugin, KH-COMP1. Here’s my review.

Fuse Audio Labs VCL-515 Review featured image

Fuse Audio Labs VCL-515 Review

Does Fuse Audio Labs’ new creation VCL-515 continue their trend of creating awesome vintage hardware emulations with modern features? Find out in our review!

United Plugins FirePresser Review featured image

United Plugins FirePresser Review

What do four legendary compressors chained together and blended at will sound like? Find out in our review of FireSonic’s FirePresser from United Plugins.

How To Use Sidechain Compression featured image

How to Use Sidechain Compression

Having problems getting vocals or instruments to sit in your mixes? Heard of sidechain compression but don’t know what it is or how to use it? Find out here!

Audified Tonespot Voice Pro Review featured image

Audified ToneSpot Voice Pro Review

Today we’re looking at a new plugin that promises to deliver character, saturation, distortion, de-essing, multi-level compression and EQ all in one plugin.

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