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Aston Element Unboxing

IT’S FINALLY HERE! My Aston Element mic just came in the mail, so I did a quick unboxing video to check out the new mic and all the cool stuff that came in my Limited Edition Aston Family Developer Pack. Over the summer I was part of Aston’s crowdsourced development team for their new Element mic with exclusive Ridyon capsule technology, and after hearing the second round of samples I knew they had a winner on their hands and had to have it. When Aston offered developers an exclusive Developer Pack, went ahead and pre-ordered. Well, six-ish months later, this pretty little box showed up at my front door, so now I’m going to crack it open and check out the goodies inside!

Check out the video here:

I still haven’t figured out where I’m going to put all the stickers, but I do know already that the Aston Element is going to be an essential part of my vocal and acoustic guitar chain going forward. In the next few days I’ll be publishing an in-depth review of the Element mic where I compare it to a similarly-priced AKG P420 large diaphragm condenser. How will it fare? Make sure that you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel and join us in the Home Studio Enthusiasts Facebook Group to find out!

Where Can I Get an Aston Element?

If you want to learn more about the Aston Element, here are some details along with a link to the Amazon page:

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  • Mic sound developed through several rounds of public blind listening tests against competitors’ mics
  • Ridyon capsule technology combines the best elements of all 3 existing classes of microphone
  • Glowing backlit-LED purple badge 48V phantom power indicator
  • Includes an ingenious, proprietary magnetic pop filter which attaches in a split second to keep plosives and ‘esses’ at bay
  • Stylish and highly effective shock mount designed specifically for the Aston Element to eliminate undesirable vibrations

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