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Black Rooster Audio RO-140 Review featured image

Black Rooster Audio RO-140 Review

Black Rooster Audio’s new RO-140 is a late 50s vintage plate reverb emulation with six different material options and a built-in EQ. Let’s see how it sounds!

Aston Element Review featured image

Aston Element Review

I just unboxed my Aston Element and checked out all the goodies. But how does it sound? In this review, I compare the Element to another mic at the same price.

Aston Element Unboxing featured image

Aston Element Unboxing

It’s finally here! My new Aston Element mic just came in the mail, so I did a quick unboxing video to check out the new mic.

Fuse Audio Labs VPRE-31A Review featured image

Fuse Audio Labs VPRE-31A Review

I took a look at the newest in Fuse Audio Labs’ vintage hardware recreations, VPRE-31A, which reimagines the ultra-rare RCA BA-31a with more control.

8 Best Drum Plugins 2021 Review Roundup featured image

8 Best Drum Plugins 2021

After nearly a month of reviews, I’m crowning the winners in my best drum plugins roundup. Which plugin should you get? Listen to these samples and decide!

6 Best Piano Plugins 2021 Review Roundup featured image

6 Best Piano Plugins 2021

In this best piano plugins roundup, we’ll be weighing the results from five in-depth reviews and crown the champions in each category!

MeldaProduction MDrumReplacer Review featured image

MeldaProduction MDrumReplacer Review

Drums recorded too hot? Trying to pull a complicated drum cadence from a sample? MDrumReplacer is MeldaProductions’ answer to this problem. Here’s my review!

Linda RockStack Review featured image

Linda RockStack Review

Linda RockStack is an amp sim with three completely unique amp models, two effects, and two blendable cab impulses. Let’s check it out and hear how it sounds.

United Plugins DIFIX Review featured image

United Plugins DIFIX Review

United Plugins’ new DIFIX promises to fix the sound of the Hi-Z inputs on a budget interface. Does it live up to the name? Hear the samples and find out!

Ujam Striiiings Review featured image


What happens if you take the Hans Zimmer string sample library and pair it with an easy-to-use plugin with tons of presets and effects? Let’s find out!

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