Audified AmpLion 2 Rock Essentials Review featured image

Audified AmpLion 2 Rock Essentials Review

Audified’s AmpLion has been a mainstay budget amp sim for years, and just got a refresh. I ran Amplion 2 Rock Essentials through its paces to see what’s new.

Linda RockStack Review featured image

Linda RockStack Review

Linda RockStack is an amp sim with three completely unique amp models, two effects, and two blendable cab impulses. Let’s check it out and hear how it sounds.

Audified Sphene Pro Review featured image

Audified Sphene Pro Review

Audified’s newest addition, Sphene Pro, is a high-gain bass amp sim and distortion pedal. Let’s check it out!

Audified VocalMint Saturator Review featured image

Audified VocalMint Saturator Review

What uses did I find for a one-knob saturation plugin, and where does it really shine? Find out in my Audified VocalMint Saturator review.

Audified Tonespot Voice Pro Review featured image

Audified ToneSpot Voice Pro Review

Today we’re looking at a new plugin that promises to deliver character, saturation, distortion, de-essing, multi-level compression and EQ all in one plugin.

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