Best Microphones for Home Studio 2021 featured image

Best Microphones for Home Studio 2021

A few mil of mylar stands between you and the sound you want, so choosing the right mic is of vital importance. Which are the best microphones for home studio?

Linda RockStack Review featured image

Linda RockStack Review

Linda RockStack is an amp sim with three completely unique amp models, two effects, and two blendable cab impulses. Let’s check it out and hear how it sounds.

United Plugins DIFIX Review featured image

United Plugins DIFIX Review

United Plugins’ new DIFIX promises to fix the sound of the Hi-Z inputs on a budget interface. Does it live up to the name? Hear the samples and find out!

Audified Sphene Pro Review featured image

Audified Sphene Pro Review

Audified’s newest addition, Sphene Pro, is a high-gain bass amp sim and distortion pedal. Let’s check it out!

Fuse Audio Labs F-59 Review featured image

Fuse Audio Labs F-59 Review

I spent a week playing with Fuse Audio Labs’ F-59 Fender Bassman amp sim. Did Fuse Audio Labs hit another home run with F-59? Let’s find out in my review.

Fuse Audio Labs VPB-Bundle Review featured image

Fuse Audio Labs VPB Bundle Review

Fuse Audio Labs has released VPB Bundle, their Virtual Pedal Board plugin, featuring five throwback stomp box emulations. Let’s check it out!

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