8 Best Drum Plugins 2021 Review Roundup featured image

8 Best Drum Plugins 2021

After nearly a month of reviews, I’m crowning the winners in my best drum plugins roundup. Which plugin should you get? Listen to these samples and decide!

6 Best Piano Plugins 2021 Review Roundup featured image

6 Best Piano Plugins 2021

In this best piano plugins roundup, we’ll be weighing the results from five in-depth reviews and crown the champions in each category!

MeldaProduction MDrumReplacer Review featured image

MeldaProduction MDrumReplacer Review

Drums recorded too hot? Trying to pull a complicated drum cadence from a sample? MDrumReplacer is MeldaProductions’ answer to this problem. Here’s my review!

MeldaProduction MDrummer Review featured image

MeldaProduction MDrummer Review

Nearing the end of my virtual drummer review series, we come to MeldaProduction’s MDrummer. How will it compare to the rest? Let’s check it out.

MeldaProduction MSuperLooper Review featured image

MeldaProduction MSuperLooper Review

Today I’m checking out MSuperLooper, the newest plugin from MeldaProduction. How does this looper plugin stack up against the others? Find out in my review.

MeldaProduction MSoundFactory Review featured image

MeldaProduction MSoundFactory Review

Today I’m looking at MSoundFactory by MeldaProduction, a synth and sampler suite that now includes the free Monastery Grand sample library. Let’s check it out!

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